Saturday 19 May 2012

Bot Shots 3 Pack review.

3Pack (3)head
So since I thought getting only one Bot Shot seems a tad boring, and being a sucker for clone-bad-guy-of-the-good-guy characters, I grabbed this 3 pack as well.  It is all about Decepticons and has Megatron, Nemesis Prime and Acid Storm in it.

How do they rate without a launcher in their pack?  Let’s find out hey?

The box is a nice box although, I found the back to be way too busy to make for easy viewing.

3Pack (1)3Pack (2)

I like the artwork they use for the punchy pictures, but damn man! Take a look at all those languages.  Obviously this is the European packaging.  13 Languages! Sheeesh!!

The sides are fairly clean.  Well, one is…

3Pack (3)3Pack (4)

The front gives a better impression.
3Pack (7)3Pack (5)3Pack (8)3Pack (9)3Pack (6)3Pack (10)

Again, inside the box is a fair bit of space.
3Pack (11)

You get a couple of bits of paper inside.  Luckily there is one that tells you how the game works.  Oh, but it has pretty much every damn language in the world on it, making for eye-breaking reading…  The other one is a choking hazard warning and manufactured by Hasbro piece of paper.  AARGH! SO UGLY!

3Pack (12)3Pack (13)

Firstly, being the leader of the Decepticons Megatron will go first.

3Pack (18)3Pack (24)
His tank mode us heavily inspired by the movie look and has some cool sculpted details on it.  His robot mode looks very much like War For Cybertron and the upcoming Fall Of Cybertron game version of Megatron.  I quite like it. There is quite a bit going on with this guy.

3Pack (19)3Pack (23)3Pack (20)3Pack (21)3Pack (22)

The robot mode is slightly lacking detail due to the weapon select feature.  Oddly enough, Megatron’s blaster only goes up to 820, yet Acid Storm has a 905.  You’d think Megatron would have a HUGE blaster rating.  Head sculpt is very nice.  Still cute, yet a little bit angry.  Impressively, all the bot shots have fists sculpted on as well.

3Pack (25)3Pack (26)3Pack (28)3Pack (27)3Pack (29)

I think this is related to the design of the tank mode, but out of the Bot Shots I have played with so far, Megatron here is the least likely to stand up.  I think it’s due to the front of the tank which folds down to reveal his head being longer than the other I have.  He always Transforms, but doesn’t stand up, lucky as not Transforming means you lose the game!

Next up, we shall have a squizzy at Nemesis Prime, the main one that made me go for this 3 pack. I could never resist and evil version of good guy characters.

3Pack (30)3Pack (35)

He is just a recoloured Optimus Prime, with less paint, but he doesn’t really need much.  A metallic blue on the windows and chest, blue for the arms and head, crimson eyes and a really nice silver grey for his face, upper arms, knees and best of all grill!  The grill looks much better than the dull grey of Optimus!!

3Pack (34)3Pack (31)3Pack (32)3Pack (33)

And robot mode looks just as nice as Optimus’ one.  Maybe even a little nicer.

3Pack (35)3Pack (36)3Pack (37)3Pack (38)3Pack (39)3Pack (40)3Pack (41)

Yep, I think I prefer Nemesis over Optimus, by just a touch.

Here’s a look at them both.

3Pack (42)Bot Shots Optimus (37)

And of course Nemesis can carry Optimus’ trailer.

3Pack (43)

Finally out of the three, we have Acid Storm.

Acid Storm debuted as a mis-colouration from the G1 cartoon I think, and we got a Classics version of him, with a green and black camouflage paint job.  It was a nice looking toy.  He is a member of the ‘Rainmakers’ apparently, which I think also has Sunstorm in it as well.  This Bot Shot is an opaque green with the only paint being on his face.  It is a straight recolour of Starscream (no surprises there), complete with smirk.

3Pack (44)3Pack (51)

As you can see, the plane has wheels.  It is a squashed version of the raptor type plane that Starscream seems to be from the live action movies.  The robot mode looks a little plain without any paint on it, but the face paint is nice and sharply applied.

3Pack (48)3Pack (49)
I am not that impressed with this.  It almost looks like Acid Strom should actually be called Booger Storm… Sculpting isn’t bad though.  For some reason, this one has a lot of trouble staying in jet mode.

3Pack (50)3Pack (51)3Pack (52)
He looks really bad from the back.  Still if it glowed in the dark…  I’d be totally loving this guy.  But he doesn’t sooo….

That just about covers these guys.  I took a shot of them in vehicle mode from underneath, which is mildly amusing.  Have a look and be mildly amused.

3Pack (47)3Pack (46)3Pack (45)

It looks like they all have a peg hole in their feet.  I wonder if there will be bases and playsets for these guys later on?  Acid Storm really looks like he’s covered in snot there.

What’s the verdict?  Well, it’s not bad.  This 3 pack cost me $18, which is a little on the high side if you ask me, but that works out at $6 a figure.  Cheaper than the normal retail of a single figure.  But I would avoid paying $7 for one.  Anymore and they wouldn’t be worth it, as it is they are just worth it.  Megatron and Nemesis are nicely done little figures, but I find that Acid Storm is weak due to the lack of paint, sure he’s opaque, but a few splotches of black on him to make him look more like his classic counterpart wouldn’t have gone astray.  I prefer the darker colour of this Megatron to the dark bronze of the launcher version of Megatron so to me, I find this pack acceptable, as Megatron is good, Nemesis is good, Acid Storm is OK.    Therefore this 3 pack is slightly better than OK.

I will be eyeing off the sets much closer now due to the Acid Storm situation, but he certainly hasn’t killed the Bot Shots line for me.

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