Wednesday 16 May 2012

Capt Liliana Statue

Liliana Head
Hmmm, Pirates.  So cool, even before Johnny Depp was one.

Hmmm, Lady Pirates.  Pirates + Lady = an irresistible force.

Hmmm, Queen’s Blade.  Pandering to fetishes since um, whenever the books went down that path.

Hmmm, Captain Liliana.  So sexy that I can justify purchasing a statue of you.  Er, because she is a pirate.  Not that I’m a perve or anything…

This is the Excellent Model series made by Megahouse and it appears it was sculpted by Norio Kibayashi for those that are interested.  Hmm, having a look, it appears he also sculpted the Rebellion version of Yumil as well.  A really nice looking statue too.  Maybe later….  (<.<)   (>.>)

So in my desperation, it appears I managed to acquire another statue.  Not really into statues all that much because, well, they aren’t really action figures are they?  However, they are usually very nice representations of the characters and with this in mind I nabbed Liliana here.  Unlike Aya Syameimaru this one has…


So that makes it kind of action figure-y.  Right?  That’s my position and I am gonna stick to it!!

liliana (1)liliana (5)
liliana (2)liliana (3)
As you can see the box has lots of windows for a looking through.

liliana (4)liliana (6)liliana (7)
The back has some pictures of her ‘castoffable’ option.  Castoffable?  Really?  What a horrible mutilation of words!  Luckily it also shows her other weapons as well.

Out of the box she is frozen in her plastic prison and underneath is a cute little plastic stand.

liliana (8)liliana (9)

The stand has “Queen’s Blade Rebellion” written on it and a peg that is also sculpted to fit under her pointy shoes.

Now lets have a look at her bits n pieces.

liliana (10)liliana (11)liliana (12)

So here you can see the extra arms and parts she comes with.  This made me happy as it lessens the ‘statue’ aspect and adds to the ‘action figure-ness.’

Now I think it’s time to have a look at Liliana herself!

liliana (13)liliana (14)liliana (15)liliana (16)liliana (17)

Hmm, how cute and dainty she be looking thar!  She has a nice chocolate brown colouring to her coat and nice repeated colours, of pink, red and more pink.  The skull on her hat is a girly looking skull that is also the shape of the window on the top of her box.  Her pose is pretty cool, as long as the coat is on.  Once off, you start to notice the bend in her neck a bit more easily.

liliana (18)liliana (19)
Her head obviously angled for ‘coy.’  The cravat and collar don’t actually connect to any clothing, but I suspect there to distract from her cleavage.  Moving away from the cleavage, I will admit that I really like her face, the paint is well done and clean, and the colour of her eyes match the rest rather well.  She comes with two heads.

liliana (108)liliana (109)

Her hat can be taken off as well.  Whether this is a good thing or not shall be covered later.

Now back to the body.  I was surprised at the level of detail on this statue.  I guess, since I am generally comparing it to an action figure, having dealt with them the most, the lack of moving parts and not having to deal with a ‘general’ release seems to pay off.  It makes me wonder how many of these things they end up producing.

Oh yeh, back to the statue.

liliana (20)liliana (21)

I like her sassy pose and her Pirate coat is very nice as well.  Overall she has a great theme and they have done well to convey it.  I also love that she has nail polish on her finger nails, plus 1 for the detail there!

liliana (22)liliana (23)liliana (24)
She has a sexy trim stomach, I really like the helm’s wheel they use for her belt buckle!  Her impressive assets are ‘contained’ within a bustier.  Just.  Which has some nice sculpting on it, and all the little holes which add to the lacy effect are cleanly cut.

liliana (29)liliana (28)
She has an appropriately piratey hat.  Just like Capt Jack Sparrow.  Oh only with a girly picture on the top.  And a pretty bow on the side.  My biggest issue with her hat is concerned mainly with the angle of her head.  As it is so rakishly imposed to one side, it can be rather hard to find the right placement and then keep the hat on.

Liliana’s hair has a great blown wind effect going and has some really nice gradient colours in it as well.
liliana (30)liliana (31)liliana (32)liliana (112)liliana (113)

Even the side of her hair is nicely sculpted.  Overall a pretty impressive little statue this one.
liliana (110)liliana (111)
The only way I could get a nice side shot of her head was to take it off and loosely pop it on the neck, due to the funky angle.

Now you might be thinking that her details are all upstairs, but her boots are nicely done as well.  Oh yeh!  Check out those buckles man!!
liliana (33)liliana (34)liliana (35)

Now onto her accessories.  As well as the rapier I had her holding in the first picture, she also comes with a rather cool crossbow.  I really dig both these weapons and the detail on them is quite amazing!!

liliana (25)liliana (26)liliana (27)liliana (37)liliana (121)liliana (122)

First up is her rapier, just check out the detail on that hilt and the colour for the blade is spot on!!!  And it’s pointy too!!

Follow that baby up with the crossbow, my personal favourite.
liliana (39)liliana (40)

Crossbows remind me of the good old days of playing Ultima (old days?  I still play Ultima…), oh and archery in a way I guess.  An added bonus to this one is it is so pretty!
liliana (41)liliana (42)liliana (43)liliana (44)liliana (45)liliana (46)
Although it might look like it, there is no movement with this crossbow.  But man it looks sooooo nice!
liliana (119)
The stock of the gun slides apart at the seam (see above) so that you can place it into her hand.

You will have to swap her hands over for each weapon and they stay in her arms pretty easily.   As an extra unintended added bonus, it’s a good size for Lion-O.
liliana (120)
Oh yeh! Come get some!!

Now being a pirate and all, once must adapt to the area one is sailing in surely?  Liliana obviously has a nice lovely warm jacket, but what about those other areas?  For example the Tropics.  t would be a bit hot for her jacket there!

So luckily Liliana can take her jacket off.  Well, some of it, for her arms you have to swap them with un-sleeved arms.

liliana (47)liliana (48)liliana (49)liliana (50)liliana (51)

And so there she is in her less warm weather clothing.  The ribbons on her arms have to stay there, as that is where the arms detach for various poses.  She also comes with another left arm for, erm, more other posing….  That will come later.

liliana (52)liliana (53)liliana (54)liliana (55)liliana (56)liliana (57)

liliana (118)
I really dig this collar.  The jewel in it even looks like a proper gem as well.

Exactly the same detailing she had when her jacket was on.

Funny that.

Now, time to have a bit of a grip and whinge.  Remember how I said the hat has trouble staying on her head sometimes?  Well, it’s all related to her neck.  Which looks fine with the jacket on, but without, it looks a bit creepy, long and at a really painful angle!!

liliana (58)liliana (59)liliana (60)liliana (62)

The hat actually needs some extra way of sticking on, as it only kind of ‘grabs’ but the little bit of corrugated-ness on one end that meets up with her fringe.  Very strange but at least we have managed to avoid her having a peg hole in the top of her head.  It looks good with jacket, Ok without the jacket and a little bit odd when all is off.

Now, due to Liliana being a member of Queen’s Blade Rebellion, there is more to this statue than meets the eye.  It all hinges on the word Castoffable (BAAARF!)  Man I hate that word.  Anyway, since those pictures will be classed as Not safe for work, I will cover them over in another place.


So for now I will summarise.  I like this statue, it conveys very well the feeling of not only Queen’s Blade, but also of pirates.  Sexy Ones especially so.

With or without her clothes, this is a nice looking figure and the options allow a fair bit of fun improvising if you feel that way inclined.

Even the odd angle of the neck doesn’t put me off liking this statue enough that I don’t really care that it isn’t an action figure.  Bias is an evil thing.  I wouldn't mind a Revoltech of this chicky though I will say that right now.  But since there aren’t any plans as far as I am aware, a dynamic, flexible posing statue will suffice.

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