Wednesday 23 May 2012

Sad fact of Botcon 2012 sets.

Hooray! I received my Botcon figure set today!!  I was surprised however to find I also got a Botcon First Day pin, which they usually give to people who order the box set on the first day (clever name hey?).  It’s not a bad looking pin to be honest.



What’s so sad about this though is I didn’t order my box set until the second week that they had been available.  I knew sales were slow this year because of the dubious figures, but crikey!  I was a bit taken aback by that.  I am pleased I got it though.


I did think they had messed things up though, as it has a picture of Zartan from G.I Joe on it and very little that seems to relate to Transformers.  It turns out that it’s the same picture that Soundwave has on his side, and says ‘Cold Slither.’  Erm , whatever that is.  Not too sure what to think of this to be honest, sure I know that GI Joe and Transformers have crossovers all the time, and that the TF Club also runs the GI Joe club and they did GI Joe before Transformers.


It seems incredibly out of the blue to link this, as it hasn’t been even slightly touched on in the Transformers club mags that I have received unless it was mentioned in one of the text works that they have done.  Which I haven’t gotten around to reading yet.  If they are anything like the club comic, they won’t be better than a fan made story…


Incidentally, the toys themselves actually look ok.  Pictures and reviews are in the works.

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