Wednesday 23 May 2012

Chaos Emeralds? Lollies!


Oh No!  Robotnick has a Chaos Emerald, this can only mean two things!!


An adventure for Sonic.




Some lollies for meeeeeeee!




Soniclols (1)Soniclols (2)


This delightful tine provided me with an incentive to buy some lollies.  Best of all, they are shaped like Chaos Emeralds.


Soniclols (4)Soniclols (12)


There are two flavours, a red and a green one.  I chuck them in my mouth, one at a time. Hmm, can’t quite describe the  flavour.  Sweet, yes, yummy?  Hmm, I guess.  I am not entirely sure.  Very chemically flavoured to be honest.  Sweet Chemical lollies.


I like the shape.


Soniclols (3)Soniclols (5)Soniclols (13)Soniclols (14)


nice and angular, very Chaos Emerald lookng.  I like the look a lot!  the flavour, erm, I can live with out.  Later I discovered the flavours are named on the back of the tin.


Cherry and Apple sours.


Ah, ok.  I have noticed whenevr I habe had ‘sour’ lollies before, that they are pretty disgusting.  That would explain the chemical taste these have.  It’s almost as if the person making the lolly flavour messed up and instead of binning the formula, they just class it as ‘sour’ whatever. They don’t taste very nice, but look good.  Hmmm.


Now, watch out Sonic!  These Chaos Emeralds are perfectly sized for my newly acquired Dr. Robotnick!!




Soniclols (7)Soniclols (11)




Soniclols (8)Soniclols (9)Soniclols (10)

Oh, if I only had more coloured ones, that would make a really nice set for Robotnick to create Eggmanland!!


So, nice looking tin, nice looking lollies, HORRIBLE flavour.  Buy them if you want a toy for your Sonic figures to play with…


Funny old world isn’t it?

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