Friday 25 May 2012

Botcon 2012 main Intro

Botcon2012 (2)Botcon2012 (1)
From Top L- Top R (SG= Shattered Glass, C = Classic)  - Metalhawk (C ), Turbo Tracks(SG), Ultra Magnus(SG), Soundwave(SG), Treadshot(SG), Gigatron(C).

Here is the set in the er flesh?  Kind of busy, little bit confused box art with the main characters I guess in the centre.  That’s MetalHawk and Gigatron there, with some of the attendee only figures flying in from off the sied.  The new Optimus’ legs can be seen there.  I am not that fond of this year’s art.  Or the set to be honest.

It feels like a random mish-mash of ideas, a smell of desperation hang on this box set.  After the previous years, Animated, Wings of Honour, Games of Deception, the rather inspired G2 set and the original Shattered Glass have all been fairly cracking in terms of characters, but obviously following those up has exhausted ideas.

This year’s though, hmm, a little bit of classics (loosely associated with the ‘Wing of Honour’) and a continuation of the Shattered Glass series.  Smashed together.  Into a bit of a sad dog’s dinner.   I just hope the toys are nicer than the possible story…

There is a typical Botcon Badge supplied.

Botcon2012 (4)Botcon2012 (3)

Nice enough.  I also got the first day Badge. Previously covered here.
Botcon2012 (7)

And the comic, which I forgot to photograph….  and an extra set for figures for a pal.

Botcon2012 (5)

I have taken a few photos of most and am working through them now.  Keep an eye out.

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