Thursday 31 May 2012

More glow, Skylanders


My ceaseless efforts to acquire glow toys has been somewhat slow.  But recently I found out about some Skylander toys that glow.  An ebay search yielded one that was completely glowy.  But priced at $100, I laughed at the foolishness of the seller and promptly closed the window and moved on.


Unperturbed, I later found out about a figure with bits of glow.  A trip to my local dept. store and the forking out of $15 (!!  Seriously?) and I have in my hands the “Stealth Elf.  Silent but Deadly.”


Yes, that is what the packaging says.  I am not sure if it’s intentional or not.



Stealth_Elf (1)Stealth_Elf (2)Stealth_Elf (10)


There she is in her boxed glory.  I must admit that I know very little of Skylanders.  All I know is that it is related to Spyro the Dragon, which I played on the PS1 when it first came out and the new game has some extra doohicky where you can import player data through.  To be honest, I don’t care as I won’t buy the doohicky and don’t really want to play the game that much.


Stealth_Elf (3)Stealth_Elf (9)


See, I wasn’t lying.  Silent but deadly.  Scariness –1


This one has glowing eyes and daggers.


Stealth_Elf (4)Stealth_Elf (5)


All this figure is, is a 6cm statue.  Pretty big box really.  It comes with a stats card, stickers and an online code for some online game hijinks.  I might try out the online component if it can be used through a web browser or something.


The Stealth Elf’ stats are thus:

  • Punch – 60/100
  • Shield – 30/100
  • Speed – 100/100
  • Luck – 70/100

Not too shabby stats really, just avoid getting hit and she’s (could be a he, but looks like there are breasts…) quite formidable.


The daggers and Eyes glow in the dark.  I see that the box art has the daggers as horns/tusks.  On the toy they look like bananas.  :-/  Make of that what you will.

Stealth_Elf (12)Stealth_Elf (13)Stealth_Elf (14)Stealth_Elf (15)Stealth_Elf (16)


There is some decent paint work.  The base is pretty well done with two tones of paint and it looks like a pile of leaves.  The armour, well it looks like brown clothes with buckles, which would explain the low defence stat.  It has a mask over the mouth, eyebrows and white eyes.  Which is glow paint!  Woot!  The bananas are also glow paint as well. the sculpting is passable and simple.  Hair is well done and the pony tail is braided and looks nice and dynamic.


Ok, now lets have a look at how it glows which can be checked through the package..


Stealth_Elf (6)Stealth_Elf (7)


Ooooo!  Mysterious eyes.


Out of the box now.


Stealth_Elf (17)Stealth_Elf (18)Stealth_Elf (21)


It glows really well.  And just a quick charge will get it nice n green.  I really like the eyes.  You can see that the paint of the eyes actually extends over the mask a bit.  Mistake?  Could be.  Looks nice though.


Stealth_Elf (19)Stealth_Elf (20)


Those bananas don’t look too terrifying though and for a Stealthy character, glowing in the dark is a give away.  All that doesn’t really matter does it?  All that matters is that it is a fairly cool little figure, I wouldn’t bother getting any ones that don’t glow and I certainly wouldn’t pay more than $15 for them.  Yeh, that’s right, I am looking at you scalpers!


There are a heap that come standing on a skull and the skull looks like it’s glowy plastic (in fact it has been confirmed by a pal), but unless there’s a bit more going on, I think this will suffice for me.

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